Last updated: 16 11, 2023.


Thank you for your interest in the affiliate and developer affiliate programs. There is no cost to become a affiliate and we try to make it simple to sign-up and manage the affiliate programs.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up for the program and accept the Affiliate Terms.
  2. You will instantly get access to an Affiliate link and Affiliate ID that you can market on your website or send with your API calls to
  3. Use that click through your link and sign-up or that you enter through your form, that will be tracked with your affiliate ID and the sales team will work with the lead and know that you sent them.
  4. When your denoted lead becomes a Qualified Merchant under our standard, no price bargain and ships products with you earn up to 10% per commissionable orders.

Developers building and maintaining integrations to, this program gives you access to affiliate commissions to help fund your projects. If you are building an integration to we have developer support and co-marketing programs designed to make working with us a pleasure. Please contact us to let us know your plans. customers may not participate in the affiliate program.  The same goes for consultants and agents of Customers that are actively participating in the customer’s account – if you are associated with an account at signup or for ongoing management, you may not be an affiliate for that account. We offer a Customer Referral Program if you are a customer and would like to refer business to and will be compensated respectively.

We run our commissions quarterly in every year. Your commissions will be communicated to you within 45 days after the end of each quarter. We know that many affiliates want monthly payouts. However, we have decided to pay our affiliates more money and manage the program in house, so we appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to working with you.

Rosemary Trogan  Partner Team